Development Evaluation Services

A project's success can be largely affected by getting us involved early in the process, which allows us to understand the project as it relates to the owners needs and expectations.  During our building construction evaluations we can work with the owner to evaluate the overall building and site conditions before a deposit and/or loan is placed. This is often the case with our investment property clients.  Adaptive reuse of existing buildings in DFW is becoming more and more prevalent because land is getting harder to find.

Typical investment clients range from an owner/tenant relocating to a new site with minor changes needed to the building - to a developer refurbishing an existing building or taking it down and constructing a new one to achieve a higher density in its place.  This is where our expertise comes into play. We can evaluate the current state of the structure to make the owner aware of potential deficiencies that could increase development costs. We can prepare a conceptual budget for renovation or new site development work, which saves time and money.

We partner with architectural, MEP, and structural teams to develop a schematic design plan and work on budgets. Often times we take these projects on a design-build basis for the owners. In other cases, developers pass on opportunities because we have uncovered obstacles that will make the project economically unfeasible.

The development evaluation process is a collaborative effort between the owner, architect, engineers, and NCY Development & Construction to develop conceptual budgets and reduce risk.  Our goal is to streamline the construction process before we actually break ground.