Pre-Construction | Design-Build Services

The pre-construction/design-build process involves potential delivery methods, accurate conceptual and detailed cost estimating, site evaluation, scheduling, and selection of the best building systems for a particular project.  Our experience has taught us that getting involved early is the key. By doing so, we are better able to understand the project as it relates to owner's needs and expectations. NCY Development & Construction works closely with our clients to determine the scope of the project, construction methods, and the target budget. At the same time, we work with key subcontractors and consultants from conceptual design throughout completion of the construction drawings and specifications. This is a collaborative effort that we manage between the architect, structural and mechanical engineers, and utility companies. Plans and specifications are reviewed in detail with the key trades to determine actual costs.  As a result, alternate design and material selections are made, if need be, at this early stage in the process. Our continuous review of real world costs with the client assures that the project design remains within budget and can be completed on time.

Our goal during the pre-construction/design-build process is to eliminate surprises once construction begins, so we can build the project as cost effectively as possible.

Value Engineering

We believe it is our responsibility throughout both the pre-construction and construction stages to remain focused on potential cost-saving opportunities. Often referred to as "Value Engineering", this thought process is sometimes viewed in a negative way implying a reduction in quality. At NCY Development & Construction this could not be further from the truth. We have grown accustom to the art of balancing design and cost. It is a natural progression, when working with a construction budget, to consider alternative products to meet the desired outcome. We work diligently with our customers to ensure that their vision remains intact while considering these alternatives.