Construction & Project Management

Some define Management as "the skillful handling, controlling, or use of something, such as resources, successfully". When applying this to "Construction Project Management", three major objectives are paramount:

1. A finished product of the highest quality

2. Delivery within the specified timeline

3. Budget control

Many companies are good at achieving one or two of these components of good construction project management. At NCY Development & Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering effective project management by accomplishing all three objectives while maintaining a productive and lasting relationship with our customers.

We put our customer's needs first, and follow-through with careful planning, experienced and attentive on-site management, and thorough communication with our client from pre-construction to delivery of an exceptional product.

As a general contractor, our minimum standard of construction practices start at a higher level than many construction companies. This means that, through our extensive experience, we know many of which products and procedures perform, and which ones do not last long-term. This aids us in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Site Safety Management

The health and well-being of every person who steps onto one of our jobsites is considered a top priority at NCY Development & Construction. Every bit as important as completing our projects on time and within budget, is the initiative that we have to be proactive about safety. Because of this focus, we are continually looking for ways to increase our education and improve construction methods and procedures with this in mind.